Self-Protection Solutions

Heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles present a growing threat to the aviation industry. Easy to acquire, and simple to conceal and operate, there has been an alarming increase in the number of missiles in circulation, and significant concern about the operational efficacy of these weapons.

SPS’s array of self-protection systems and technologies counter the threats of these surface-to-air missiles, offering comprehensive and autonomous protection of military, VIP and commercial aircraft and helicopters. The OEM- agnostic systems are designed to enhance aircraft survivability in even the most challenging scenarios, without any degradation of the platform’s performance.

The anti-missile protection solutions comprise an active threat detection system that provides comprehensive and reliable missile detection via Pulse-Doppler radar and/or IR  detectors. The Detection system provides advanced tracking capabilities, calculating precise trajectory and time-to-impact measurements based on range and velocity in order to assign priority levels for countering a multi-missile attack. Immediately upon threat detection, a countermeasure system – which has been carefully selected based on the specific threats faced by the customer – is activated to intercept the approaching missiles, effectively diverting the missile away from the aircraft.