Self-protection solutions for VIP,
transportation and civilian aircraft


Missile Awareness

Active threat detection system operates to provide complete, reliable missile detection, via IR and/or Radar based sensors, The anti-missile protection system operates fully automatically, with no additional “work-load” for the pilots. The system switches to “stand-by” when the aircraft is at a safe altitude , and reactivates when re-entering the threatened airspace, the system is fully configurable to meet any threat.

Detection & Threat Analysis

Once Threat is detected, the system provides advanced tracking capabilities, Analyzing time-to-impact measurements that assign priority levels for countering a multi-missile attack. The Threat assessment can also define the required counter measure adequate to deal with the specific threat.

Counter Measure

The operational countermeasure system, based on flare/chaffs dispensers and/or other advanced means, is activated automatically  upon threat detection  to intercept the approaching missiles based on the data gathered during the threat analysis. the outcome will be missile diverted far from the aircraft.


Heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles present a growing threat to the aviation industry. Easy to acquire, and simple to conceal and operate, there has been an alarming increase in the number of missiles in circulation, and significant concern about the operational efficacy of these weapons.

The anti-missile protection solutions comprise an active threat detection system for wide range of threats, providing comprehensive and reliable missile detection via state of the art detectors. The detection system provides advanced tracking capabilities, calculating precise trajectory and time-to-impact measurements based on type, range and velocity in order to assign priority levels for countering a multi-missile attack.

System Integration

SPS provides a full turnkey avionics services encompasses,  design, engineering , kit mechanical & electrical production , mechanical modifications, installation, analysis reports,  testing and certification for any modification or system integration onboard airborne platforms.

SPS dedicated engineering team delivers rapid, flexible solutions for both SPS airborne solutions and third-party  avionics system integration.

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