Helicopters are depended upon to be more mobile than a fixed-wing aircraft. Sensitive troop movement, personnel; transport, casualty evacuation, VIP transfers and special operations missions also rely on vertical lift aircraft. However, it is these aircraft that are often prime targets for surface-to-air missiles.

SPS offers low-cost, proactive, and combat-proven self-protection solutions for rotary-wing aircraft. Tailored specifically for light, medium and large helicopter platforms, the SPS solutions ensure early detection of incoming threats and provide countermeasures to improve survivability in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments.

The SPS MAWS systems are in service on a wide range of military and VIP helicopters including MI-17, MI-172 (VIP), MI-8, MI-24, MI-172, Bell-212, Bell-412, UH-60 (Black Hawk), CH-153 and others.

Special Protection Solutions

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